Four Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Four Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

First, What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Similar to a hybrid vehicle that runs on a combination of gas and electric power, a hybrid cloud is a combination of two or more types of cloud (private, public or community). Just as a hybrid vehicle doesn’t mix the Computer Hybrid Cloudtwo forms of power, which would be bad, a hybrid cloud doesn’t mix multiple forms of cloud. Private, public and community clouds always maintain their individual status within a hybrid, but they all are accessible under the same “hood,” if you will. And now, for the top four benefits of hybrid cloud solutions.



Four Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Testing the Waters

Many small operations (home offices, small and medium business) fit neatly and efficiently into the public cloud. However, organizations that house and secure large amounts of data have a difficult time moving into the public cloud. That’s where hybrid cloud comes in handy. Rather than make the leap and hope the water’s warm, larger organizations are able to entrust the information of their choosing, a little at a time to a hybrid cloud, until they’re able to ascertain whether the cloud is right for them.


Companies running an application, for example CRM or ERP, on a private cloud will most likely experience spikes in usage. The beauty of hybrid cloud is that it provides cloud bursting for peaks in demand. If a company’s private cloud is being bombarded by activity, the hybrid cloud recognizes the surge and “bursts” select operations into the public cloud. This benefit provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability they need to make it through times of peak usage while maintaining security.

Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid clouds are customizable. Companies can select which operations are appropriate to run on public cloud and which are sensitive enough to maintain solely on private. This enables companies to comply with security regulations and policies while getting the most out of their cloud resources. What happens if your business’s goals or policies change? Hybrid cloud can be customized based on your business’s new needs.


Another big benefit of hybrid cloud is that it allows organizations to spread their processes to different clouds and facilities. This makes it easy to relocate operations in case of an outage or disaster, improving the data’s chances of security and survival.


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