Mobile Collaboration – A New Way To Collaborate

Mobile Collaboration – A New Way To Collaborate

Mobile CollaborationMobile devices have enabled improved access to existing desktop tools. Organizations as well as employees are rapidly adopting smart devices. This has inadvertently given rise to expectations pertaining to user experience and accessibility. The capability of the devices is also increasing quickly which has changed the way employees of an organization collaborate. Thus, it is extremely vital for all businesses to grab a hold of these changing trends and use them for improving teamwork and productivity.

The Downside of Restricted Mobility

There are two definite downsides for organizations that do not allow mobile collaboration. Firstly, the business that does not facilitate mobile collaboration in the organization will experience lower efficiency as well as lower innovation levels. Secondly, an organization that is not able to implement or facilitate mobile collaboration properly might witness deterioration in collaboration efforts.

Collaboration tools that are not implemented with suitable mobile components will be of no use to the employees and they will avoid using these tools. Also, the employees who do not have mobile devices or have the wrong device may be completely excluded from the changes in the organization. It is very important for the IT department to carry out a thorough analysis of the collaboration solutions for their organization and use the tools and mobile devices that would succeed in the long run.

Enhanced Access to UC Tools

As stated earlier, mobile devices provide enhanced access to desktop tools. Some of the most popular examples are instant messaging, email and conferencing tools – all accessed from mobile devices. Users are comfortable with the majority of the tools and they are able to use new versions on their mobile device without too much guidance. This is probably the easiest way to use the often-used desktop collaboration tools. However, there are certain actions that can only be performed on the desktop like deleting unnecessary messages and saving important communication elements.

Mobile collaboration makes it possible for employees to work from any location and during a time that suits them. Mobile devices are easy to switch on and communication apps can be easily accessed for short postings or quick interactions. Employees can be on the move and yet stay in touch with customers, vendors and everyone in the office.

As a business owner, you need to leverage the power of mobile devices and enable employees’ access to IM tools and emails. This won’t require a lot of IT intervention and the employees will be able to use their free time or short gaps in their daily work to collaborate with team members and outsiders for short communications. Thus, when the employees are waiting – for a meeting, in an airport lounge, etc. – they can utilize the time to communicate with customers and colleagues. Mobile collaboration provides these functions, making basic communication methods one less thing to worry about.

Mobile collaboration is all about extending access beyond the desktop. The unique features offered by mobile devices will open up new working methods that were not previously available. Mobile devices are bound to increase the efficiency of employees as they are going to find innovative ways of completing their jobs. Organizations should keep in mind that they need to empower the employees for them to use the latest mobile collaboration techniques. Businesses are going to realize that the use of mobile communication is bound to give rise to a sense of freedom and that would go a long way in ensuring employee satisfaction. All this is going to eventually lead towards a more efficient and effective team that will increase the company’s profit margins.

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