5 Things about Toshiba’s 5000-Series Digital Business Telephones

5 Things about Toshiba’s 5000-Series Digital Business Telephones

Toshiba Digital Business Telephone - DP5130-SD-RTToshiba is a leading manufacturer of digital communication equipments and its 5000-series digital business telephones is highly popular. We all are aware of demand for VoIP business telephone systems and keeping this demand in mind, Toshiba has come up with some of the most advanced digital business telephones in the market. The digital business telephones are perfectly compatible with the latest VoIP technology and they are being used by companies all over the world.

5000-Series Digital Business Telephones

The Toshiba digital business telephones have been designed to power business communication systems with a wide range of features and options. You will be glad to learn that these telephones can easily function and deliver the latest communication needs of your business.

The 5 things You Need To Know about Toshiba’s 5000-Series Digital Business Telephones are:

  • Easily readable LCD screen to display the features and other information
  • Programmable buttons to provide quick access to all the advanced telephony functions
  • Sleek design that comes along with a tilt-base
  • Handset and speaker for Off Hook Call Announce
  • Headset Interface Integrated with the phones
  • Digital speakerphones with all the advanced features

The intuitive features on offer will make your business telephone system another extension of your personality. The buttons along with the application are programmable and you can avail the latest features with the push of a button. Digital clarity of these phones, which has been a trademark of all Toshiba phones, is for all to hear. Irrespective of whether you are using the handset or speakerphone, voice clarity is guaranteed.

Digital Display Speakerphones

If you opt for the Toshiba Digital Display Speakerphones, you will get to use phones that will perform like a small command centre that can be operated through an easily readable display. Apart from availing the advanced features for managing calls, you will also be able to handle your communications in a smarter way thereby boosting your personal productivity.

Now, we will have a look at some of the digital business telephones from Toshiba:

DP5130-FSDL Digital Telephone

This is one of the most reliable and handy digital business telephones that are available in the market. DP5130-FSDL is the latest in the range of phones that have been released from Toshiba’s stable.

Features Include:

  • 9-line backlit LCD
  • 10 programmable buttons
  • Speakerphone with Full Duplex

DP5132-SD Digital Telephone

This is another phone released by Toshiba to take care of the latest communication and telephony needs of growing businesses.

Features Include:

  • 4-line backlit LCD
  • 20 buttons that are all programmable

DP5122-SD Digital Telephone

This business telephone was released to cater to the needs of small businesses that wanted to experience the latest telephony features at the lowest possible price.

Features Include:

  • Backlit LCD with 4-lines
  • 10 buttons that are all programmable

You can choose any of the above business telephone systems provided that it satisfies all your business needs. There are several companies that are using these telephone systems and are pretty satisfied with the performance. Toshiba has always been the frontrunner in introducing the latest communication and telephony equipments and their advanced range of 5000 series phones drives home this point quite convincingly.

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