Carrier Management Services and How They Benefit You

Carrier Management Services and How They Benefit You

What Are Carrier Services?

Carrier services are the foundation on which you build your business communications. Simply put, it’s your cable, telephone and Internet services delivered by a service provider. Verizon, AT&T, Windstream, Telepacific and Cox are examples of service providers.

What is Carrier Management?Carrier Management

Basically, carrier management (CM) is a way to optimize your carrier services without having to contact or negotiate with your service providers. Instead, you work with a CM representative, like us, who handles any situations or changes you want made. Your CM representative maintains the connections and carrier knowledge to quickly and efficiently handle your requests.

Why do I need CM services?

Carrier management services offer the following benefits:

Carrier service audits – Your CM rep will analyze your monthly bill, discuss your company’s specific needs, and develop a customized service plan.

Optimized service plan and fee mitigation – When your CM rep develops a customized plan, they’re basically optimizing your carrier services to meet your business demands. Part of the optimization process is identifying services and features that you’re paying for but really don’t need, thereby mitigating your monthly fees.

No service provider bias and no quotas – CM reps offer plans with all the major carriers, so you don’t need to worry about your rep pushing you into a deal with the wrong carrier. Additionally, CM reps don’t have quotas to meet, which means the services recommended are only the ones you need.

Time savings – Remember those 30 minute wait times and half a dozen transfers just to figure out why your Internet is slow? Well, with a carrier manager you can forget it!

Process transparency – We believe there is truth in transparency, which is why smplsolutions offers a best practice breakdown. That way, you know exactly what to expect.

What does a CM manager need from me?

smplsolutions offers a free, no-obligation audit to anyone curious about whether or not CM services can save you money and optimize your services. All we need to get started is a recent copy of your monthly phone bill and a quick phone conversation to understand your company’s needs.


If you’re interested in learning more or starting a free, no-obligation audit, feel free to contact us!
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