The VIPedge baker’s dozen – best of the best

Call Bursting: Also referred to by some as “Channel Bursting” or “Line Bursting.”  Toshiba’s software protocol allows for every business account to have access to an additional four phone lines/channels automatically, as needed and on demand.  This means that even if you have an account with only one phone line, the Toshiba cloud phone solutions will allow you to “burst” when needed to accommodate up to five simultaneous phone calls!  Try that with Ma Bell – if you pay her for one line, you get one line, and the second business caller gets a busy signal.

Line Pooling: For those businesses with multiple locations, Line Pooling is better than sliced bread.  Toshiba’s cloud allows for “pooling” of your phone lines.  For example, rather than having to pay for five phone lines at three different offices – for a total of fifteen lines from Ma Bell – the Toshiba cloud would allow you to pay for only eight lines and share them among the locations.  And remember, you still have Line Bursting, so if you get a period of heavy call volume, the eight lines you are paying for will actually burst on-demand to twelve lines if you need them.

Direct phone line:  Each Toshiba VIPedge phone comes with its own Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone number.  And with VoIP type features such as Find Me/Follow Me and Twinning, you can have your single direct phone number ring your desk phone and cell phone at the same time.

iPhone app and Android app:  Download Toshiba’s FREE apps so you can make and receive calls right from your smartphone in such a way that the other party thinks you are making or receiving the call on your business phone system.  As it is now, for all too many of you, if you call a customer from your cell phone, the customer will have your cell phone number—and you may wish they didn’t.  With the Toshiba Cloud app, you can make outbound calls from your smartphone that will actually go out through your business phone lines so that your customer sees your business name and business Caller ID – not your personal cell phone number.

So customizable that others just can’t touch this:  Toshiba offers the customizable power of traditional PBX and feature-rich Key-Hybrid systems (distinguished from a PBX in that they allowed users to see and control calls manually using lighted line buttons), with the cutting edge features of VoIP. The VIPedge and its incredibly customizable buttons, ring groups and feature sets are vastly superior to the stripped-down simple VoIP offerings of most systems on the market—where the VoIP software company dumbs down their software in order to work on phones from several different manufacturers.

Buttons, buttons, and more buttons: For most VoIP phone manufacturers, their idea of feature-flexible buttons on the phone is stripped down to two, six or maybe eight buttons.  Toshiba’s VIPedge VoIP phone has four soft buttons, ten fixed buttons and twenty feature buttons!  You can even add additional modules that integrate right into the phone to add more even more buttons.

No minimum order:  One user, one channel/line, a $50 deposit, and you are off to the races.

No penalty for adding or removing users or lines:  Try to do that with any other cloud provider!  Do you have a seasonal business?  How great would it be to triple your number of phone lines and users during your peak business season—for example, if you’re a CPA at tax time—and then remove all the additional users and lines at NO PENALTY when the busy season is over?  Sure, other cloud providers will let you increase your usage, but don’t mention the dirty word “reduce” to them. “Can I REDUCE my users and lines at no penalty?” Probably not.

Certified installers and dealers:  Toshiba only sells its cloud service through trained, tested and certified installers.  Do you really want to trust your business communications to some reseller who is selling Cisco phones one week, Aastra phones the next week, and YeaLink phones the next?  Or worse yet, do you want to buy from a reseller who just ships you the phones, tells you to plug them in, and wishes you good luck?

Toshiba owns its cloud!:  What do we mean?  Toshiba built its phones, servers, software and data centers from the ground up.  The vast majority of other cloud providers are a hodgepodge of phones from different manufacturers, software from another manufacturer, and servers from who knows whom.  Worse yet, the system is running in some reseller’s basement server room, for all you know.

Try it, You’ll like it:  Toshiba has made it possible for smplsolutions to invest in several VIPedge demo loaner phone kits.  These phones are available to loan and try at your office, home or remote location for up to 2 weeks at absolutely no cost and no commitment.

Yes, there is a 24-month minimum initial term agreement: But check this out.  1) If at any time during that 24-month period you decide to migrate to your own Toshiba IPedge VoIP server phone system, Toshiba will cancel the remainder of your 24-month agreement without penalty and without you having to pay the remainder of the term; 2) If during the 24-month term you need or want to cancel the remainder of the term, you only owe 50 percent of the remaining monthly service payments; 3) Besides allowing for this complete termination of the remainder of the term, if you so desire, Toshiba will allow you to reduce the remainder of the term to the minimum one user and one channel if this works out better for you than a complete cancellation and paying 50 percent of the remaining term.  We don’t know of any other cloud provider who will provide such customer-friendly term agreement options as these.  Ask them!

Phones, who needs ‘em?:  And finally, in the event you don’t need or want to purchase desk phones, you can use the Toshiba cloud VIPedge on your PC with just a headset and the free Toshiba PC software, or you can just use your smartphone app.


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