Whether you’re looking for internet, cable, phone or cloud services, we’ll provide you with the best options not only for your location, but also for your current technology systems in place. smplsolutions also provides business continuity solutions to ensure your internet and phone systems are live during and after a natural disaster.

Carrier Management Breakdown

Carrier Management (CM) is a best-practice process that provides customers with a comprehensive solution at the best price for their carrier service and networking needs.

Benefits of CM
  1. No sales quotas, no unwanted services
  2. Unbiased service representation
  3. Optimized service plans
  4. Mitigated fees
  5. Process transparency
  6. Saves time

Best Practice Approach

We believe there is truth in transparency, which is why we offer a best practice approach to keep our customers informed and involved in their services.


We offer an audit of your current business carrier services. During the audit you will have a conversation with our CM Representative to determine your company’s needs and how they’re currently being met. Our CM Representative will then request a copy of your most recent phone bill. Once that is received, we will analyze it, see where we can mitigate fees, and refine/optimize your service plan.


After a service plan is developed and agreed upon, we aggregate all qualifying carriers and present all options along with our professional recommendation. As the customer, you always retain the power of choice.


Once a carrier(s) is chosen, we work with them to ensure a smooth transition and to keep you informed regarding all phases, issues or changes. We strive to minimize service downtime and prevent interruptions to your daily business routines.


When you enlist us to optimize your carrier services, we remain your primary source of support for the life of the contract. Remember contacting your service provider and spending most of your time on hold? Well you can forget about that! Contact us with any issues or questions and we will find the solution for you.

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