We make sure to follow up with our customers to ensure their experience with smplsolutions is an exceptional one, but sometimes our customers beat us to it. Every now and then they email or call us immediately after a job is done to let us know they appreciate our work and to give some kudos wherever it’s deserved. We value our customers’ feedback and appreciate the fact that they take time out of their busy schedules just to send a compliment.

Niagara Water

JUNE 2015

“Hi Shane. Checking in with you to make sure we are still providing you good service. I hope you had a good weekend.”

David Case
CEO of smplsolutions

“The service from SMPL Solutions has been great. The team has been treating us well and reacting to our inquiries in a timely manner. We appreciate the SMPL Solutions team.”

Shane Rupe
Logistics Manager

JULY 2013

“I just wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the SMPL Solutions team. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure our phone systems are working properly, especially our two phones at our access road in GRV. The two IP phones at our access road are imperative and can put our operations at a standstill. SMPL Solutions is always there for us immediately and will not stop until the problem is resolved. Their team always sends me updates for pending phone repairs and are very proactive overall. From the Groveland team, we appreciate their level of excellence and enjoy working with everyone on the SMPL Solutions staff. Thank you.”

Shane Rupe
Logistics Manager

Risk Management Group

“Just wanted to let you know that the new SharePoint site is working very well for our clients and staff. I have been able to add new users without any problems and when I get a tech call because someone has a question, I’m able to walk them through logging in and uploading documents without any problems. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and technical expertise. You are the best.”

 Laurie Fishback

Schley Products Inc.

“Also, thank you very much for having your tech come out today. He was very professional and helpful with everyone. We got everything programmed and all my staff trained. You run a first rate business and I am very happy to do business with you!”

Chad Schley
Vice President

Banc One Mortgage Corporation

“You are a good man David, thank you so much! It’s a pleasure working with you.”

Medhat Kirollos

The Greystone Group, Inc.

“I really appreciate the great job you ALL did and how easy the phone move was.  It really couldn’t have gone any better!  Thank you again for the great service.”

Karen Higo 
The Greystone Group

 The Roxburgh Agency, Inc.

“Mike did an excellent job!  All my requests were taken care of.  I am one happy camper!”

Barbara Paulsen
VP of Finance

Williams Furnace

“Thank you so much for this opportunity to let you know my own experience with smplsolutions.  First thing is when I call I speak with Edgar or Natalie and what a positive and welcoming response I get from them.  They are so willing to listen and prompt on getting me the help I need.  They have one of the best customer services I have ever experienced.  We have built a great relationship and of course, I owe that all to them and how comfortable I feel and getting my results.  As for the technicians they are quick to get back to me if I have a quick resolve that needs to be handled right away.  If not they get back with me on the day scheduled and are very thorough and precise.  They also help me help myself as I do have a manual but they still will take the time and effort to assist me.  All my respect for smplsolutions and looking forward to always reaching out to them for any issues.”

Cynthia Medwig
Williams Furnace

MacGillivray Freeman Films

“MacGillivray Freeman Films has been a smplsolutions customer for several years. We have used the technical support services both on the phone and at our office. The service is always prompt and the technician has always been able to resolve any issues we have had with our PBX phone system.”

Susan Wilson
Office Manager

Specialty Doors

“Your company is the finest provider of service and equipment we have ever used. We recently moved our office and our old phone service company totally dropped the ball and could not get us service for 3 days. As a company that makes our sales off the phones this was a huge problem. We were forced to fire that firm and we turned to smplsolutions for help. Mike Hagins was a superstar. He spent several days with us making sure all systems were good. Going with your Company was one of the best business decisions we ever made.”

Tom Gross

California State License Board (CSLB)

“Congrats on your retirement! We will miss you and have enjoyed working with you all these years.”

 Kendra Murray
HR Manager of smplsolutions

“It’s been my pleasure too. Smplsolutions has been the best company ever and I’ve let my coworkers who will take over my job and my managers know that. I have always received the best service ever!! But we have worked together for 10+ years I think…”

Janice Ahrens-Porter
CSLB Tech Support

Kudos to our customers, all of them, for bringing us into their businesses, welcoming us as friends and providing us with feedback to help us make your experience that much better. We couldn’t do it without you… Literally!

  Thank You