strategic-consultingThe Tech Team Provides Consultation for:
Telephone Systems
Data Networks
Video Surveillance

smplsolutions® is an industry leader in the latest business communications solutions. From the sales staff to The Tech Team, we pride ourselves in being trained, certified and well-versed in the latest business communications technologies.

In today’s business climate, someone has to step forward and be accountable for looking at each piece of the technology puzzle as well as the puzzle as a whole. Many customers struggle with planning their technology architecture- when to upgrade or replace their technology, what brands to choose within each category, what implementation costs to expect, the risks and timeline.

smplsolutions® teams up with you to support your business’s growth, promote technological agility, and create together the next generation of business technology.

Technology Everything® is not just a phrase. Many of our customers consider it as a leading principle while making technology decisions. System integration, network speed, communication lines and styles, cable types and servers are all impacting business performance. Thus data throughput, connect time, stability, technology, modulation techniques and modem enhancements should be all considered while deciding on the right tools to use.

Enterprises face numerous challenges in the delivery of applications and critical business data to the enterprise edge. A lot of these challenges go back simply to the system this enterprise chose to deploy, it’s network, it’s severs, switches, cables, IP phones and more than that – how they are all integrated. smplsolutions® Technology Everything® is about consolidating your needs and providing you with all the ingredients to deliver a successful IT solution.

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