Phone System Solutions by Manufacturer:
Toshiba Voice SolutionsTelephone Solutions
Star2Star Voice Solutions

Phone System Solutions by Technology:
Traditional Architecture Phone Systems
Cloud (Hosted) Architecture Phone Systems
Blended Architecture Phone Systems

Traditional, Cloud and Blended Telephone Systems Explained

Other SMPL Voice Solutions:
Sound Masking
Paging Systems

Your telephone system is the first point of contact customers have with your business and, often, it’s one of their first impressions of your business. A well-planned communications system accelerates and streamlines your communication with customers which can increase revenue, improve productivity and maximize your customers’ satisfaction.

To make sure you get the most out of your communications system, a sales engineer will meet with you at your business to better understand your operating processes and communications requirements.  From there, we create a custom-fit telecommunication solution specific to your company’s unique current and future needs.

You have many options when choosing a phone system for your business, and we have listed the three types of systems below.  We know it can be difficult to decide which option will best fit your business’s needs and budget. We will help you select the right phone system; contact The Tech Team™ at 949.544.8640.