Risk Management Group
Interview with Robert Maslac, Chief Executive Officer

Risk Management Group provides small banks with outsourced auditing services. In an industry where they hold others accountable for their work, integrity is of paramount importance. Robert Maslac, the Chief Executive Officer of Risk Management Group, says, “It comes down to confidence. I never have to worry about our telephone system or our computer network. In the decade smplsolutions® has been with us, never has something come up that they couldn’t resolve.”

In 2009, Risk Management Group faced a very important hurdle. They were moving into a new office space during their busy season, and they needed to complete their entire move over the course of a single weekend. “I told the President & CEO of smplsolutions®, David Case, that we were bringing all of our systems down on Friday and had to be functioning by Monday morning,” says Mr. Maslac. Mr. Case assured Mr. Maslac everything would go as planned. The technicians began cabling the new office suite to Risk Management Group’s specifications, and they set up as much of the main distribution frame as possible so that the server room required as little work as possible the day of the move. The weekend of the move, smplsolutions® had gone live with the telephone system and computer network by Saturday afternoon. “I was able to sit at each work station and demo the phones and the computers, it gave me such peace of mind to know that everything would be ready for work on Monday,” says Mr. Maslac.

The peace of mind is further reinforced by the smplData maintenance plan which gives Risk Management regularly scheduled maintenance on their computer network at an interval they decide. “We don’t have to troubleshoot our IT glitches in house,” explains Mr. Maslac, “It saves us the headache of trying to resolve issues that take time better devoted to our business,” says Mr. Maslac. On top of their knowledge and skills, Mr. Maslac says, “The Tech Team™ is a great group of people. They are patient and they are very helpful. Over the last decade they have really become a part of the Risk Management Group Family.”

“At Risk Management Group, we keep our promises,” Mr. Maslac says, “So does smplsolutions®. I would recommend smplsolutions® to anyone.”