We assist clients with the technical aspect of office relocation or expansion, and provide comprehensive solutions that will ensure a smooth transition with minimal interruption in normal day-to-day voice and data communications.

Advance planning and coordination are key elements to a successful relocation or expansion, and we work closely with our clients to identify critical paths and milestones, covering each item that could affect the outcome of the move.  As agents for AT&T, Time Warner, Cox, Windstream, TelePacific and every other major phone and internet service provider, as well as being veterans in the relocation of mission critical technologies, we make sure your move across the street or across the nation is smooth for you and seamless for your customers.

The following lists some of the services that we offer:

  1. Determine and order the proper type and quantity of telephone lines needed for the new location. We help configure regular telephone POTS lines, T1, PRI, Fiber, Cable, Fixed Wireless, and other high-speed connectivity for data transmission and Internet access.
  2. Examine, test and evaluate existing voice and data cabling in the new location to determine if it will meet the needs of the client and their telephone and data processing equipment.
  3. Design the Server/Telecommunication Room layout.  We can design, recommend and install the proper voice and data cabling solution to meet the needs of the client.
  4. Relocate, and upgrade if necessary, the client’s existing telephone and voice processing equipment and install them into the new location.  We can also provide a monthly telecom maintenance plan.
  5. Evaluate the phone needs of the client, design and install new telephone and voice processing equipment.
  6. Relocate Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN).
  7. Evaluate the data needs of the client, design and install new Networks, including file servers and workstations.
  8. Install network security, anti-SPAM solutions, firewall solutions and battery backup.
  9. Provide video surveillance and video conferencing solutions for the new office.
  10. Provide wireless network connectivity at the client’s new facility where needed.

Phone System Relocation Costs

DISCLAIMER: The following is generic pricing for the move only. The prices do not include materials, etc.

Collection of Telephone System Handsets

We will collect each telephone handset throughout the facility.  This includes unplugging the phone line cord from the wall, wrapping the cord around the phone and placing an extension or name label on the phone for use at the new facility.  The telephone handsets will be placed in boxes supplied by the client or the client’s moving company.

Cost:   $  15.00 per telephone handset.

Note:  Client may opt to perform this portion of the relocation in order to reduce relocation costs.  The phones must be labeled, collected and boxed prior to our needing them for transportation to the new location.  Client must provide us a labeled floor plan for distribution of the phones at the new location at or prior to our time of pickup of the phones. If the phones are not ready for pickup or the floor plan is not provided at the appropriate time, additional charges may apply.

Pickup, Transportation and Placement of Telephone System

We will remove the telephone system at the existing facility.  This will entail the systematic dismantling of the system, logging of its components and transportation of these components to the new facility.

We will re-construct the telephone system at the new facility in the same configuration as it was at the old facility.  Telephone handsets will be distributed to location of use per documentation provided by the client.  Additional programming and changes will be billed on an hourly basis.


$150.00 per Telephone system main and up to 2nd cabinet
$100.00 per additional phone system cabinets
$100.00 per Voicemail system
$  35.00 per Telephone handset

Note:  The client SHOULD NOT remove or dismantle any of the telephone system without our prior knowledge, as it may adversely affect the functionality of the overall system.  If any of the work requires access to the system and the client cannot provide required passwords, additional time will be billed for contacting technical support services in order to access necessary devices.

Additional Devices

Should the client request our assistance in relocating and or re-connecting any peripheral devices, such as fax machines, night bells, etc. the following costs will apply:


$  25.00 per device to remove & collect
$  35.00 per device to transport, connect & test

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