Risk Management Group
Robert Maslac, CEO

Risk Management Group provides small banks with outsourced auditing services. In an industry where they hold others accountable for their work, integrity is of paramount importance. Over the years smplsolutions has had the privilege of providing Risk Management Group with a slew of services including relocation, cabling, hosted exchange, Datto backup, small business server and Toshiba CIX40 installation.

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The Lamm Agency
Kathy Lamm, Owner

Kathy Lamm moved into a new office with plans to grow her business and came to smplsolutions for a new phone system. Unfortunately, her Internet provider was bought out by another company and issues quickly developed. The Tech Team was able to set Kathy up with a functioning temporary solution while they managed her Internet service for her, sorted out the issues and got her up and running smoothly. Kathy has since been able to grow her business and add phones to her system for her new employees.

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Evergreen Realty
Randy Rector, CEO

With multiple locations, smplsolutions was able to install Toshiba’s CIX670 and CIX100 systems at different locations and integrate them with Strata Net. Between that and the centralized voice mail, Evergreen Realty’s multiple locations feel like they’re under one roof.

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Reynard Corporation
Randy Reynard, President

While looking for the most cost effective communications system, Reynard Corporation found smplsolutions. We were able to find a hybrid Star2Star solution for Reynard that fulfilled their cost saving requirements while delivering the level of sophistication Reynard was looking for.

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7 For All Mankind
A Division of VF Contemporary Brands, Inc.

7 For All Mankind has relied on smplsolutions to provide quality maintenance through the SMPL maintenance program, Toshiba video surveillance solutions and cabling services since 2002.

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Bandai America Inc.
Donna Bawolski, HR Manager

We equipped Bandai with a Toshiba CIX670 and CIX100 and networked them together using Strata Net in order to unify their systems and make coordinated communications simple.

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Dayle McIntosh Center for the Disabled
Ann McClellan, South County Supervisor

Dayle McIntosh truly gives back to the community. smplsolutions is proud to have assisted them in relocating and cabling their business communications. We got them up and running by providing IP phones for their remote location and a Toshiba CIX670 to keep them all connected.

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Hawthorne School District
Gioconda Padilla, Purchasing Director

smplsolutions provides services to the schools and offices in Hawthorne School District. We provide system maintenance, telecom support and programming, troubleshooting and cabling services to keep their schools running and communicating efficiently.

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MacGillivray Freeman Films
Susan Wilson, Office Manager

An upsetting PBX telephone issue caused and left unresolved by previous vendors led MacGillivray Freeman Films to smplsolutions. We were able to resolve the issue and install a Toshiba CIX670 system, providing MacGillivray with the communications benefits they needed.

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Mattioli Automotive Group
Rosella Locatelli, CMO

With three locations in Los Angeles – Beverly Hills, Van Nuys and Torrance – Ferrari needed a provider to service current systems and install new ones, provide programming, and develop a solution to connect the paging systems at the dealerships in Van Nuys and Torrance. smplsolutions stepped in to assist Ferrari with all their technology needs.

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Newport Acceptance Corporation
Lori Stephanson, Director

Initially, we were able to provide Newport Acceptance with a solution to a telecom issue. Since then, Newport Acceptance has employed smplsolutions to assist them in evolving their telecom systems to meet their business’ needs, both functionally and financially.

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Norton Lilly International
Beverly Carter, Communications Manager

smplsolutions has assisted Norton Lilly’s locations in Phoeniz, Arizona and Southern California since 2002. We have provided them with phone system moves, additions, changes and cabling for a multitude of offices.

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Pacifica Capital
Amy M. Spragg, VP of Operations

Pacifica Capital was in the market for a new phone system. smplsolutions was able to provide them with a Toshiba CIX100 and later assisted Pacifica Capital in relocating their business communications to a new facility.

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Process Equipment
Sandra J. Hollis, Secretary/Treasurer

smplsolutions provided cabling and relocation services as well as installed a Toshiba CIX670 and 100 system, networked together using Strata Net protocol. Later, we set Process Equipment up with a Toshiba cloud-based VIPedge, connecting all systems in both locations seamlessly.

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Progressive Loan
Brad Thompson, MIS

In addition to providing relocation and cabling services, smplsolutions installed the Toshiba CIX670 and 100 at two of Progressive Loan’s locations.

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Specialty Doors
Tom Gross, Owner

Specialty Doors’ old phone system failed unexpectedly. They were losing business without a functioning phone system, so smplsolutions made it a priority to get them up and running ASAP. We put in rush orders and had a tech out to their facility to set them up with a new cloud-based VIPedge. Our technician had Specialty Doors’ system up and running within 24 hours.

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Strata Realty
Timothy N. Hawke, President

Strata Realty has been a customer of smplsolutions since 2000. We provide phone system support and installed a feature-rich Toshiba CIX670 to make communications smoother.

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