Enterprise-quality VoIP communications for your business without the need to buy, install or maintain PBX equipment.

  • Is your organization planning to upgrade or replace an analog or digital business telephone system to gain the capabilities and advantages only VoIP communications can offer?
  • Is your business a new or expanding venture with big potential but limited capital, needing to compete with much larger companies and wanting to project an enterprise-class image?
  • Would it benefit your organization to manage communications costs as a predictable monthly operating expense instead of an upfront purchase with additional annual maintenance contracts?Toshiba VIPedge Cloud Phone System

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, your organization could be an ideal candidate for cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) service, which delivers the benefits of modern IP business communications without the need to buy, install or maintain an on-site IP PBX.

Whether you want to conserve capital or simply free your IT talent for better things than running the office phone system, hosted communications services can be very liberating—and surprisingly affordable.

Toshiba offers its award-winning IPedge® business communications platform as its Cloud Telephone System VIPedge™ service. With VIPedge, you get the benefits of an on-premise IPedge VoIP phone system, but instead of buying or leasing the system, you pay Toshiba a monthly service fee based on the size of your business and usage.

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