Do you worry about your surveillance system letting you down or failing to record a critical video event? Well worry no more because Toshiba has a solution. MySurveillix is a web-based service that monitors and reports on the health of your surveillance system. Day and night, MySurveillix takes photos to ensure the quality and functionality of each surveillance camera in your system. Whether a bird builds a nest around your camera, your coworker’s birthday sign is blocking the camera, or the system experienced a problem and a camera was disconnected, MySurveillix will identify the issue and notify the system administrator.


  • Emails or texts critical alerts
  • Provides daily, weekly or monthly system health reports
  • Proper camera function ensured through daily and nightly thumbnail images
  • Provides average storage capacity

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Camera Image Verification
Day_Night Camera Verification

The Camera Image Verification feature captures a thumbnail image every day and night to ensure proper camera function. If there is an obstruction blocking the camera or a malfunction preventing the camera from recording properly, Camera Image Verification will capture it.


Recording Duration

Storage Retention Chart

The Recording Duration feature enables you to view your system’s recording capacity, set a recording threshold and program alert notifications to trigger when the threshold is not being met. If your system requires periodic audits, you can program the Recording Duration to adjust to your specified time period, ensuring the proper timeline for your review.


Health Monitoring

MySurveillix is a health monitoring system for your surveillance solution. It provides a clear, visual, web-based tool to ensure your surveillance system is functioning properly. MySurveillix offers a robust range of features allowing you to quickly check your system’s health, set alarms and define filters to alert via SMS or email, and identify and fix any problems when they happen, not after a critical event occurs and fails to be captured.


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