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How do you want your Voice over IP (VoIP) business communications deployed?

If your organization is evaluating or considering new business communications systems, no doubt it is looking seriously at Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP or just IP). VoIP streamlines the business network infrastructure, running telephone and data services over the same network. VoIP brings new features, such as unified messaging and unified communications, which the traditional digital phone system PBX could not provide.

These capabilities and others are becoming essential communications tools for businesses. Each of Toshiba’s phone systems provides users with enterprise-class communications:

Toshiba’s VIPedge : Pure IP as a cloud-based VoIP service

To get the award-winning benefits of your own IPedge system but without having to buy, install and maintain an on-premises server and software PBX, choose Toshiba’s VIPedgecloud-based hosted VoIP service. With VIPedge, Toshiba supports the IPedge platform in secure data centers, and your organization gets advanced IP services for a predictable monthly fee, at about a dollar per day per user. This approach conserves capital and frees your IT talent for better things than running the phone system.

Toshiba’s IPedge : Pure IP in an on-premises system

Platinum Level IPedge Communication Specialist 2013 Toshiba TAIS TSD

In 2011, Strata CIX gained a new sibling with Toshiba’s IPedge®—a pure IP business communications system built on open protocols and an industry-standard Linux server. With IPedge, the IP capabilities customers loved in Strata CIX became available in a single server that occupies a mere 1U (less than two inches) of rack space. This one server supports voice mail, unified messaging, meet-me audio/video conferencing with Web collaboration, and the Call Manager application for unified communications.


Toshiba’s Strata CIX : Converged digital and IP in an on-premises system

Platinium LEvel Toshiba TAIS TSD Strata CIX Sales Professional

There are five models available, from the Strata CIX40 for up to 24 users, to the Strata CIX1200 for up to 1,000 users.  Multiple systems can be networked together to serve multi-location businesses with thousands of phone users and take advantage of a centralized voice mail to email solution. The proven Strata CIX system supports PRI T1, SIP trunks, and CO lines as well as analog, digital and IP endpoint devices, making it ideal for businesses that want to take advantage of using both digital and IP telephones.


If your needs change, your business changes in size, or you just change your mind, it is easy to migrate among any of the three platforms. You will have the ability to reuse the same Toshiba endpoints, and users will not have to relearn how to use the phone system.  Thanks to Toshiba’s engineering, these systems can be linked together as you grow so there is little to no loss in investment.

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