There’s never been a better time to update your existing telephone system!

From now until March 27, 2015 current Toshiba Strata DK, Strata CTX or Strata CIX phone system users are eligible to receive a free telephone (model # IP5531-SDL) for each Toshiba EKT, DKT, or IPT1000/2000 series phone traded in* when upgrading to Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based telephone solution.

The total number of phones traded in cannot exceed the total number of VIPedge Standard Users on the original VIPedge contract.

Customers are required to keep the VIPedge services active for each VIPedge Standard User on the original contract for the full two-year service term.**

Don’t have a Toshiba phone system? Contact our sales rep to see if your current system is eligible for this program!


Call us today to get your free phones: 949.544.8640.
Download the PDF here.

VIPedge is a cloud version of the IPedge phone system

*Toshiba Digital Single Line, 7 Button and Cordless are excluded

**Cancellation by customer of any and/or all VIPedge Standard Users for the VIPedge services shall be subject to a cancellation fee, as determined by Toshiba, in its sole discretion, pursuant to Section 10 of the VIPedge Services Terms and Conditions.