communication systems
One of your most important business assets is your voice communication system. The right system gives you the power to attract customers, increase productivity, save money, enhance your image and improve customer satisfaction.

You need so much from your communication system, no matter what size your business might be. Whether you’re just getting started, growing rapidly, or adding new locations, your voice communication is key to keeping your customers, employees and vendors connected.

Advantages of VoIP Communication Systems versus Legacy Digital Telephone Systems

  • Lower cost of phone calls among multiple sites
  • Ease of moves, adds, and changes on the system
  • Consolidation of all communications over one network
  • Potential cost savings when utilizing existing voice, data and video networks
  • Productivity-driven applications improve the bottom line
  • Single data cable to the desktop
  • Less hardware required, usually resulting in lower cost

smplsolutions can assist you with sales, installation, repair and maintenance for:

Toshiba IPedge IP Phone Systems
Toshiba Strata CIX IP Phone Systems
Toshiba Phone Models

Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series Phone Systems (UC300)
Unified Communications 500 Series Phone Systems (UC500)
Cisco Phone Models