Running your business is important, but ensuring the privacy and safety of your company and employees is crucial. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your offices while away or simply sleep better knowing you’re covered, a video surveillance system can help.

Our Services

smplsolutions covers all video surveillance needs from choosing a system to installation, training and monitoring. To make sure you get the most out of your video solution, we provide the following services:

  • Assist in selecting the right solution to fit your needs
  • Provide complete design and layout or assist in the design as requested
  • Cabling when needed, installation of the entire system, including programming the server
  • Adjust cameras and features
  • Set up internet access and remote login
  • Deploy access to cameras from smart phones and remote devices
  • Provide a system tutorial and training
  • Offer continued support for your system
  • Monitoring services to provide peace of mind that the cameras and server are up and running

Why Surveillance?

More often than not, surveillance is associated with security against accidents and crimes. While this is a great reason to install a surveillance system, there are additional ways to benefit from it.

Quality Assurance

Companies that hold value in their manufacturing, packaging, installation and assembly can greatly benefit from a surveillance system. Placing a camera at each stage or station of production will record the process. If any issues arise in the future regarding your product quality, you’ll be able to look back to see where, if at all, a problem occurred.

Out-of-Office Monitoring

Working out of the office, but need the added peace of mind that it will still be there when you return? Surveillance cameras can be placed in and around thmobile_apps[1]e office in any chosen areas and monitored from a different remote location, including from a smart phone or tablet. Even though you’re working from home or on the road, you’ll still be able to let your employees know someone left the refrigerator open.



We’re here to help you maximize your Return on Technology™.

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There are numerous surveillance systems on the market. Below are the solution providers smplsolutions has worked with and favored due to quality of product and images, durability, flexibility and features. If you’re interested in a specific system provider not listed below, feel free to contact us. Our goal is to work with you to maximize your Return on Technology™.


BridgeVMS offers affordable IP video surveillance systems with bundled hardware and software solutions to provide customers with high quality performance and imaging. Their systems come equipped with benefits such as unlimited access to a Web Client (no extra fees), mobile viewing on Apple and Android devices, and free software updates to name a few. BridgeVMS also offers a highly effective cloud solutions for your surveillance management system – BridgeVMS v5.5.BridgeVMS_MB3000


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Samsung features their IP series and analog series products, the WiseNetIII and the Beyond Series respectively. WiseNetIII offers Samsung’s latest and most advanced features including 1.3, 2 and 3 megapixel cameras. The Beyond Series is their amazing analog camera solution offering an incredible 1000TV Lines of resolution – where other manufacturers max out at 500 to 700 TV Lines of resolution.Samsung_SNF-8010VM

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Scallop Imaging

Scallop Imaging provides a unique form of video surveillance camera. Rather than use a dome, bullet or box camera, Scallop uses an array of 5 cameras in one compact assembly in order to create 6 to 7 Mega Pixel 180° and 200° IP cameras that capture unbelievable panoramic, high resolution images.ScallopImaging_D7-180


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Toshiba Surveillance

IP, analog and combined hybrid Video Surveillance Systems from Toshiba America offer end-to-end recording solutions for your business and the most affordable migration strategies from analog-to-IP. If you’re looking for a well-rounded product, Toshiba maintains a strong presence in enterprise, IP, analog, hybrid, network and mobile.WR05A_Beauty_high_res[1]


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