Toshiba’s powerful cloud telephone solution provides businesses with benefits that are not possible with on-premise solutions:

  • Reduce capital expenditure to purchase equipment = Save Money
  • Budget telecommunication costs with fixed monthly fees = Save Money
  • Eliminate costly software upgrades = Save Money
  • Save facility space by reducing on-site telephone system equipment requirements = Save Money
  • Eliminate the cost of cooling systems for phone equipment = Save Money
  • Eliminate the costs of system management = Save Money
  • Easily expand VIPedge to support the number of users, locations and applications as needed = Save Money and Eliminate Obsolescence
  • Survivability (also known as network resilience)  is automatically provided via the cloud = Always Available

VIPedge Benefits and Pricing Options Designed For a Business Like Yours

VIPedge comes in a package that has everything you need:

  • Voicemail delivered to your email for 24/7 availability and accessibility
  • Your calls can find you wherever you are with Find Me/Follow Me  call routing
  • Soft phone and Call Manager unified communications application—FULL call control from your PC
  • Both Call Manager PC and Call Manager Mobile applications make presence information and Instant Messaging secure and private, easy and efficient
  • With Call Manager Mobile, easily make and receive calls from your mobile device as if you were making the call from your desk telephone/office extension
  • It’s a comprehensive solution ideal for most business environments and a great value without the headaches or costs of owning and maintaining your own telephone system
  • Personalize user endpoints to meet the needs of each individual user, i.e. desk phone, wireless phone, PC software soft phone, smartphone app, etc.

Do you need help deciding whether a cloud-based service or an on-site PBX is best for your needs?  We can help!

The Top 12 Advantages of VIPedge Cloud Versus Buying a Phone System 


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