I want the short version – what is cloud-based or hosted business phone service?Toshiba VIPedge FAQ

Cloud-based phone service is like cell phone service, for an entire business, on steroids.  Just like with cell phones, you only purchase your phone. The business phone system equipment is in the cloud, just like the cell phone system is in the cloud. Has any of us ever seen a cell phone system? No, we just use and maintain our smartphones. So why should a business purchase a phone system anymore?


Who will I receive my monthly billing from?

Toshiba is registered with the FCC to provide phone service.  All billing will come directly from Toshiba, unless special arrangements are requested in which billing can come from smplsolutions.  We have had some not-for-profit companies request that billing come from smplsolutions.


What does the “Business Standard User” include?

It includes the user license, one voice mail box, unified messaging (voice mail to email), Find Me/Follow Me, Call Manager Advanced, which includes SoftIPT and VoIP plug-in, one direct phone number Direct Inward Dial (DID), and Enterprise Manager personal assistant.


What is the difference between a “Business Standard User” and a “Business Standard User Toll Free”?

Everything included is the same, except the toll free user receives a toll free 800-type number instead of a regular DID number.


What does the “Auto Attendant” (AA) include?

It includes the AA license, one voice mail box, unified messaging (voice mail to email), Find Me/Follow Me, and one direct phone number Direct Inward Dial (DID).


How do I add additional DID numbers without adding any standard business users?

Add additional Auto Attendants, one AA per DID.  And for a toll free number, add an Auto Attendant Toll Free.


What is the difference between “VIPedge Channel – Unlimited” and “VIPedge Channel – Call Center”?

VIPedge Channels – Unlimited are intended for a typical business, one which does not have a call center. With Unlimited, each channel the customer is paying for has a soft limit of up to 1,200 minutes and/or 1,500 calls per month per channel.  So if the business is paying for three Unlimited lines, it would have a soft limit of 3,600 minutes and/or 4,500 calls in total per month.  It is considered a “soft” limit because if the customer goes over this threshold from time to time, Toshiba does not charge the account extra fees.  If the customer exceeds this threshold on a regular basis, then the customer is asked either to add another Unlimited line to their monthly bill or switch their current lines to Call Center lines.

VIPedge Channels – Call Center are intended for any business with a call center and/or any business which will routinely exceed the threshold of 1,200 minutes and/or 1,500 calls per month per channel.  Once the customer exceeds 1,200 minutes and/or 1,500 calls per month per channel, they will be billed $0.019 cents per minute. So if the business is paying for three call center lines, it would have a hard limit of 3,600 minutes and/or 4,500 calls in total per month.  So if this customer had a total of 5,000 minutes for the month, they would be billed for an additional 1,400 minutes x $0.019 = $26.60 for the month.


What is the Initial Account Deposit?

The Initial Account Deposit has a minimum dollar value of $50 and a maximum of $250. This money is used for both international call charges and port redirect fees for porting over telephone numbers to Toshiba.  Consideration should be made regarding international calling.  By default, international calling is disabled.  In the event international calling is needed, then the amount of the account deposit should be relative to the expected volume of international calling.  International calling and porting can only be made or completed if money is in this account. There is an Auto Replenish feature available as well, but it is disabled by default.  The account can be replenished twice a day – once at 4 a.m., with additional opportunities to replenish once every five minutes. Once an account has been replenished twice in one day, it cannot be replenished again until 4 a.m. the following day. Additionally, the account can be set to notify you when it has fallen below a certain dollar level. You then have the ability to log in and add additional funds to the account.


What is the minimum size account/order?

How many phones/users? 1

How many channels/lines? 1

Minimum deposit? $50


If I add users, lines or equipment to my account, does that affect my term?

No.  The initial 24-month term does not renew with any changes, whether those changes are additions or reductions.  Once the original 24-month term is over, the agreement automatically converts to month-to-month.  There is no hidden “evergreen renewal clause.”


Why is there a 24-month term requirement?

As with a cell phone agreement, Toshiba is heavily discounting the phones and other hardware in order to assist customers in reducing their initial cost threshold.  The 24-month term allows Toshiba to recoup/offset that initial discount.


What if I have to cancel my agreement during the 24-month initial term?

Toshiba wants to be as fair as possible in this situation, and we feel they have come up with a good solution for early termination.  The customer has two choices: either pay 50 percent of the remaining monthly agreement costs, or reduce the account to one user and one line and finish the remainder of the 24-month term.  Remember, changes to the account do not renew the 24-month term, and there is no penalty for reducing your number of users or lines.


What if I have to downsize?

There are no penalties for downsizing.  The customer can add or remove users or lines under agreement as desired/needed.  It should be noted that we are not aware of any other hosted solution which will allow a reduction in account size without penalty.


If for some reason I decide to leave Toshiba for some other service, can I take my phone numbers with me?

Yes.  Unlike with some service providers, with the VIPedge you always “own” your phone numbers, even the ones provided to you by Toshiba.  You can move the phone numbers away from Toshiba at any time.


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