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smplRMM: Proactive Endpoint Monitoring & Management

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) agent providing proactive hardware monitoring and alerting, on-network asset discovery and inventorying, automation and scheduling of operating system patching, and ongoing updating of common 3rd party utilities/applications, which actively reduces your exposure to common vulnerabilities. The smplRMM agent also facilitates the rapid resolution of customer’s technical issues through its built-in remote screen sharing, and the ability to support the execution of background scripting to modify a system’s configuration, when necessary. Where applicable, the smplRMM Network Device Asset Identification agent discovers and enables monitoring of network attached devices which do not fall under the RMM monitoring umbrella.

smplAsset: Infrastructure Monitoring

An advanced network discovery and asset inventory tool designed for the more complex networked environment. This solution provides both a detailed and continuously updated inventory of networked connected devices, their SNMP status and device characteristics, as well as captures critical device configuration settings, while monitoring the health and performance of each device.

smplEDR: Endpoint Detection & Response

Built-in Static AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Behavioral AI analysis prevent and detect a wide range of attacks, in real-time, before they can cause damage. smplEDR protects against known and unknown malware, Trojans, hacking tools, ransomware, memory exploits, script misuse, rouge macros, and more. Recovery is fast and allows for rapid recovery, in minutes, without re-imaging the machine. Any unauthorized changes that occur during an attack can be reversed with our 1-Click Remediation and 1-Click Rollback for Windows. Additional features include:
Device Control for USB devices and Bluetooth/BLE peripherals
Firewall Control for control of network connectivity to and from devices including location awareness
Rogue visibility, to uncover devices on the network that need smplEDR agent protection
Vulnerability Management, in addition to Application Inventory, for insight into 3rd party apps that have known vulnerabilities mapped to the MITRE CVE database

smpl24x7: Help Desk

Our fixed fee smpl24x7 x365 support offering is designed to deliver customers a premium helpdesk experience, any time of the day or night, at a budget-friendly price point. We understand that our customers use a unique mix of software applications to run their businesses and this North American based toll-free support solution has successfully served the small-to-midsized market for well over 15 years. In the off chance that an issue cannot be resolved by Tier 1 or Tier 2 support, your support ticket will be escalated to smplsolutions engineers to provide the necessary Tier 3 support.
Our outsourced Help Desk solution provider prides themselves on being able to address the unique needs of the smaller office by leveraging the following:
• US English speaking Level 1, 2 & 3 engineers, providing Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, who will answer the phone and resolve well over 85% of customer tickets on the first call, without further technician escalation.
• Engineers capable of supporting a multi-vendor hardware environment, as well as handling troubleshooting of both Windows and Mac operating systems.
• Engineers adept in software Installation, troubleshooting and configuration of a wide variety of desktop applications and utility software.
• Ability to access the smplsolutions remote monitoring and management agent (RMM) to take control of your desktop or laptop, while allowing you to retain the ability to regain control of your endpoint at any time.

smplOffice powered by Microsoft 365

An Enterprise-level collaboration solution providing business-grade email, access to both the desktop and mobile Office Suite applications (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams), Windows Enterprise OS licensing (requires a current license of Windows Professional on the user’s desktop or laptop), Data Loss Prevention, SharePoint and OneDrive Enterprise Content Management, Message Encryption and advanced logging and alerting. EMS E3 adds additional mobile device, application and content management capabilities, multi-factor authentication (MFA), advanced security, information protection, and advanced threat analytics.

smpl365BU: Email, OneDrive, SharePoint & TEAMs Cloud Backup

Includes unlimited backup (up to 3x per day) and data retention for Microsoft Exchange Online mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint, and TEAMs. smpl365BU allows for the rapid restoration of individual emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and (if required) an entire user mailbox. The solution also supports the point-in-time restoration of a user’s exchange mailbox and allows for the unlimited retention and restoration of deleted items. Backup and restoration capabilities include SharePoint files, lists, and OneDrive for Business files, folders as well as modern Team’s sites.

smplDNS: Web Filtering Protection

smplDNS filtering protects your organization against online security threats by blocking users’ access to malicious websites in real-time, as well as blocking phishing, viruses, and other cyber threats (including zero-day attacks) by intelligently identifying malicious domains faster than most other solutions. Using multiple advanced threat feeds, smplDNS can quickly identify and categorize phishing sites and zero-day threats whether your users are locating within your protected network or are operating remotely.

smplEPP: Endpoint Protection

smplEPP incorporates an advanced next-gen AV engine, including real-time anti-phishing protection, behavioral heuristic and machine learning analysis, automated threat remediation, and a bundled endpoint firewall supporting either MAC or Windows OS-based machines.

smplSEAT: Security Education & Awareness Training

Security Education and Awareness Training subscription covering a wide variety of cyber, physical security and privacy subject matter, combined with available automated phishing simulations to test the effectiveness of the training program.

smplShield: Email & Collaboration Security

An advanced API-based (application programming interface based), cloud-native email security platform that Shields against spoofing, ransomware, and phishing attacks. smplShield quickly identifies and quarantines potential email threats, allows suspicious links to be opened safely in the cloud, and continuously learns, detects, and remediates threats as they reach your mailbox and before they are delivered to the user.

smplArchiver: Email Regulatory Archiving

Real-time journaling of all inbound and outbound emails including regulatory compliant archiving of message metadata, email headers, subject line, and body of emails, as well as any email attachments. Messages are indexed immediately upon ingestion, and custom keyword/lexicon policies are supported to alert your compliance team to any forbidden words or questionable phrases.

smplArchiver: Social Media and Website Regulatory Archiving

Whether you maintain a single or multiple websites, or utilize one or more social media accounts, smplArchiver provides a single-pane of glass archival solution to meet all of your web and social retention and e-discovery requirements.

smplArchiver: SMS Text Archiving

A SMS text communication tool allowing advisors to communicate with clients through text messaging while maintaining compliance with company policy and industry regulations, while assuring retention of all messages.

smplBackup: Cloud Retention (per workstation/ server)

Cloud encrypted backup providing recovery for Windows files, folders, and full-system images with the option for bare-metal recovery onto dissimilar hardware. Delta-based backups utilize less bandwidth and shorten the time required to execute backup jobs allowing you to backup more frequently. smplBackup supports the creation of stand-by images on local removeable media as well as the automated testing and verification of backups to ensure recoverability.

smplEncryption: Full-Disk Encryption Manager (per workstation)

smplEncryption provides a centrally managed Bitlocker full-disk encryption solution, as well as native Windows Enterprise support for Bitlocker-to-go encryption of removable media.

smplPassword Manager (per user)

A best-in-class password management solution that reduces employee password friction without compromising security. smplPassword Manager enables the storage of all app and web logins in a single location, separates work and personal account credentials while supporting the enforcement of complex password generation and eliminating insecure storage of passwords in spreadsheets or Word documents where they may be subject to loss/theft. This solution provides each user with a secure and transportable method of accessing and automatically entering credentials while on your PC, laptop, or mobile device, and continually scans the dark web for indications of compromise of either usernames or passwords currently stored within the password vault.

smplVPN Threat Protection (per user)

Industry-leading smplVPN technology providing secure internet access over unencrypted public Wi-Fi with the following advanced features:

Threat protection for blocking malware, viruses, ad tracking, and infected websites
Multiple device support for up to 6 devices
Access to over 5500 servers in over 59 countries
Dark web monitoring
Double IP masking
Device encryption for mobile
Auto-on and Kill Switch VPN protection
Strict no-log policy for privacy protection
One of the fastest VPN solutions on the market

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