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Toshiba’s reliable 2000 series telephones were first released in 1992, manufacturing ceased in 2004, and manufacturer support continued through 2011.

Toshiba digital telephones incorporate state-of-the-art telecommunications technology and provide a vast array of calling features. They are easy to operate, and all features are accessed with a feature button or a brief access code.

Features for the benefit of enhanced productivity:

  • 8 Fixed feature buttons include: Message, Microphone, Redial, Conference/Transfer, Hold, and Volume up / Volume down
  • Phones available in White or Charcoal (Black)
  • Red/Green LED indicators
  • Call handling features like Caller ID, Auto Attendant and Voice Mail
  • Tilt stand available as an accessory

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Toshiba dkt2000 Compatible Phone Systems:

Toshiba Strata CIX | Toshiba CTX | Toshiba DK

Fixed Feature Buttons



Press to set up conference and transfer calls.



Press to hold internal or outside calls.



Press to turn the microphone off/on while telephone is in use.



The Msg LED flashes to indicate that a message is waiting. After accessing the intercom, press the Msg button to call back the station or voice mail device that activated the LED.



Press to have the system redial the last telephone number you dialed.



Press to turn the speaker on/off. The Spkr button will also select a line or the intercom if programmed for auto preference in system programming. Also, used to disconnect on-hook speakerphone calls.

Vd ▲


Vd ▼

Press to adjust volume levels.

LED Light Indication Details

Each line and feature button has a Light Emitting Diode (LED) next to it which indicates the status of the line of feature associated with the button.


Line LEDs light as red or green and flash at varying rates to indicate call status.

Line In-use – When you access an outside line, the LED will appear at your station as follows:

  • Flash Rate: 2 seconds on – 1/8 second off – 1/8 second on – 1/8 second off
  • Color: Green
  • Other stations with the Line: Steady, red

Volume Control Details

Your telephone has two Vd buttons for controlling speaker and handset volume levels. One of these buttons has a symbol that points up, and the other has a symbol that points down. To increase any of the volume levels, press the upward pointing arrow; to decrease any of the levels, press the downward pointing arrow.

Either button must be held down for at least 1/8 of a second for any volume change to occur. If either button is continually held down, the volume will continually change about every ½ second until the level limit is reached or the button is released.

Microphone Sensitivity Controls and Handset/Headset Call Waiting Tone Options

You can set the sensitivity of the microphone on 2000-series speakerphone models to adjust for the level of room noise…

Your station will receive one or more call waiting tones when a call rings you or is camped-on to your telephone while you are busy on another call. These tones are always sent over the speaker of 2000- and 1000-series Digital Telephones; however, on 2000-series Speakerphone models, the tones can also be sent to the handset and the headset.

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