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Have you gone phishing lately? It’s beginning to look a lot like cybercrime is just around the corner. But what does cybercrime look like? And, how will you know if cybercrime will impact your business?

The number one question our team at smplsolutions receives is, “Will my business be impacted by cybercrime?” The short answer is, “It is a question of when–not if.” The short answer should encourage us all to learn a bit more about what the most recent cybercrimes look like and the impact they are making on small businesses.

Email and Internet Fraud

  • You receive an event email titled “Your Market Growth Strategy Webinar Is About To Start!” but don’t see this event on your calendar or recall registering.
  • You receive a voicemail message attachment via email through a notable telecom company, but your company doesn’t utilize its services.
  • You receive an email marked “high priority” from what appears to be your boss. He claims to be busy in a meeting and requires urgent action on your part to call a specific number.

These are examples of phishing that seem legitimate and often create a false sense of urgency, leading you as the user to click on a malicious link within the message or give away confidential organizational or personal information that can be used to infiltrate your company’s networks.

Statistics from Security Boulevard show that in 2020, nearly 1 in 4 of all data breaches involved a phishing attack. Furthermore, 97% of users could not spot a sophisticated phishing email, and 78% of users understood the risk of hyperlinks in emails but clicked on them anyway.

#1 Email and Internet Fraud: Phishing

This Phishing Email Example is what fraud looks like and it’s a good one because it comes from someone you know! Teresa’s email is hacked and now her entire email network is receiving this plea for money.

What’s Next?

Those who have personally lost money to a phishing scam typically file a police report with their local department and a fraud report with the FBI. But what happens when one of your employees clicks on a phishing email and transfers a large payment for services away from your business’s bank account to a fraudulent bank account? And then what if that incident turns into a breach that exposes your entire network?

Cyber Insurance and Proper Cybersecurity Controls are a must

Peace of mind for your business’s cybersecurity doesn’t come from quick fixes or turning a blind eye to digital threats strong enough to put you out of business. It all comes down to a total risk management solution that provides peace of mind. What does this include:

  • Endpoint detection and response and segregated backups
  • Next-generation anti-virus
  • Advanced email security that protects against phishing and advanced malware attacks
  • Multi-factor authentication everywhere
  • Cybersecurity training and phishing simulation for employees
  • Cyber insurance coverage specifically for your industry, size and risk

Here’s Why Business Owners Seek A Complete Risk Management Solution

“Our employees are only one unsuspecting click away from a breach”
“We handle lots of our customers’ personal data”
“We’ve already had a security breach and need a solution that insures and lowers our risk”
“Industry-specific regulations and compliances demand it”
“We have an increased Priority on cybersecurity”
“Our executive team needs to take precautionary measures”

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